Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower Review

If you are looking for the best rowing training available, something which will give you the closest simulation to the real thing, then you need an incredible piece of equipment which can offer you just that. The Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower is that piece of equipment and we review it here…

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The Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower offers the closest simulation to rowing on the water that you can possibly get – no other indoor rower comes close. It was developed to meet the specific training needs of the competitive rowing athlete; those who require an expert level of equipment not found anywhere else.

Used by athletes from all levels, including world champions and Olympic level athletes, the Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower has proven itself by virtue of its users and the levels of performance they’ve achieved as a result of including this piece of equipment in their regular training.

Unlike the Concept2 Model D and E Indoor Rowers, the footrest on the Dynamic is free to move and there’s minimal movement of body mass throughout the stroke. A drive cord connects the foot carriage to the handle and transmits the combined leg and upper body force to the flywheel. The Dynamic encourages body control, early body preparation and good “connection” between the oar handle and footrest during the drive. The Dynamic demands similar concentration and body control to that needed when rowing in a boat, making it an excellent sport-specific training and coaching tool. Using the Dynamic Link accessory, it’s easy to join together two or more Dynamics, so you can train as a team boat.

The Dynamic Indoor Rower comes with a PM4 (PM3 is available separately), features a high strength drive cord (made of Dyneema), the Concept2 renowned flywheel and damper (which responds to your effort), a stainless steel track and it has a very compact footprint for storage and safe keeping.

If you’re looking to move faster on the water, the Dynamic is what you’ve been waiting for. REBEL Elite Fitness is the official distributing agent for Concept2 in South Africa, and you can find out more and order online here.

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