Climbing Rope Review

A climbing rope, exercise rope, or battle rope is used for a variety of applications from rope climbs, battle rope exercises, tug-of-war, and to drag or pull sleds or other objects. They are exceptional for improving upper body strength, grip strength, power and endurance.

Climbing Rope Review (2)

We review the high-quality polyprop climbing rope from REBEL Elite Fitness. This climbing rope from SAs premier supplier of functional fitness equipment is the best climbing rope available and is extremely tough, easily lasting you many years. It is flexible and lightweight, making it versatile in its applications. The lightweight and flexible nature also means you can focus on your workout without having a cumbersome rope hinder your movements, but it’s still weighty enough to ensure a good workout if used for battle rope workouts.

Climbing Rope Review

It has a smooth texture, so it is easier on the hands, but as a result also forces you to use a stronger grip strength to hold on properly during use. Obviously increased grip strength from proper use of this climbing rope will translate very well into other forms of training as a result. Manila ropes on the other hand are courser and offer great grip, but can rip up your hands easier, they start sheading over time and are not very weather resistant. This poloprop climbing rope can be used indoors or outdoors due to the weather resistance nature and won’t shed easily over time.

It comes with a nylon heat-shrink casing which prevents the ends from splitting or fraying and it’s easy to fix to any end-point. It has a 38mm diameter and is 50 feet (15.2m) long – so it’s long enough for any training facility with high roofs or for whichever application is required (sled pulls, tug-of-war, battle rope exercises, etc.).

If you’re interesting in ordering yourself this great climbing rope, you can do so online here.

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