Choosing Trail Running Shoes – Infographic

Trail running is a refreshing alternative to conventional running. Many people fall in love with trail running because of the earthly sights and sounds that you encounter and its puts you more in synch with nature.

In order to get the most out of trail running and prevent running injuries, it is essential to run in a great pair of trail running shoes. Choosing the right pair of trail running shoes is not straight forward, as there are several factors to consider. This brilliant infographic will help you choose the best trail running shoes that will give you the best results…


Don’t shortchange yourself and settle for anything other than the best trail running shoes – they will determine whether you have a fantastic or terrible trail running experience. Make sure that you take a look at inov-8’s amazing All-New Range of Men’s inov-8 Trail Running Shoes. These shoes can only be described as being the best on the market.

Enjoy your trail running and remember… run comfortably, run light and have fun!


What do you look for in trail running shoes? What are your favourite trail running shoes?

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