Choosing a Hydration Pack for Ultrarunning

Outdoor activities such as ultrarunning are a great way to blow off some steam but a good hydration pack is essential for you to effortlessly hydrate when the need arises – especially on a long stretch. There is quite a few different hydration packs on the market but it is important to choose a hydration pack that is reliable and will suit your ultrarunning needs. Choosing a hydration pack for ultrarunning can be tricky – for your consideration here are some points.


The first thing to consider is – fluid capacity. As you need to be able to carry enough water or fluid of your choice for those long stretches, your hydration pack has to be able to keep a decent amount of fluid. The fluid capacity should be at least two litres to ensure you are adequately stocked for the run. On some runs there may be a few opportunities to refill water but that will not always be the case. As it hard to predict what can happen on an ultrarun – go prepared. Your hydration pack should have space for both a bladder and a large water-bottle.

The packs should almost fit like a vest than rather a shoulder bag. They need to exhibit immense stability so that you do not succumb to unnecessary swaying which could hinder your balance and ultimately your run.

Your hydration pack should be tough and able to hold up with added weight. It should be able to be keep your contents stable and secure so you don’t have to worry about stuff falling out as you are running. It needs to be comfortable because if you are running with it for long periods at a time, discomfort projected from your hydration pack is going to escalate ten-fold. The shoulder straps should be ideally padded in this regard. The fit should always be comfort orientated and the body should never be restricted in any way.

In addition, there should be adequate space to carry your food and supplies. Pockets should be easily accessed when you need to access them on the run. Ideally, the bag should also be geared towards fast packing and fast unpacking – sometimes, every minute counts.If you are looking for an excellent hydration pack for ultrarunning, check out the brilliant inov-8 Race Pro 12. The best part about it is, it exhibits many of the good traits that we discussed in this article.

What is the main feature that you look for in a hydration running pack?


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