Cambered Barbell Review

Sometimes injury or mobility issues can make squatting difficult. What we’re talking about here is not the kind of mobility or injuries you’d think are related to squatting limitations – we’re referring to shoulder and wrist mobility. In order to squat properly you need to be able to grip firmly on the bar, however, for those who have limited mobility or injuries which cause these restrictions, there’s a great solution – the cambered bar!

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A cambered barbell, which is also known as a Buffalo Bar, is a speciality bar offered by REBEL Elite Fitness which has a slight camber or curve to it which is intended at taking the stress off of your shoulders during squats. What happens is that your hands grip lower as a result of the downwards curve, making it ideal for people with limited shoulder mobility or even shoulder injuries causing limited mobility.

The advantage of this quality cambered bar is that it takes pressure off the shoulders while still allowing you to move with the same technique regularly used during squats, lunges, good mornings or other lifts, where the barbell typically rests on your shoulders.

CB001 Cambered Barbell

It’s a great piece of equipment for training facilities who want to cater for members, taking into consideration any limitations without avoiding great workouts due to lack of speciality equipment.

This cambered barbell is perfectly balanced and is made from a high-quality strong steel, which has a hardened chrome finish. It features a centre knurling, for grip, and each hardened chrome sleeve features two bushings, allowing them to spin smoothly and evenly.

This cambered barbell is 2.2m long, has a 2.8cm diameter shaft, 39cm long sleeves, and weighs 20kg.

If you’re interested in this product view more about it here!

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