Buying Equipment for CrossFit

CrossFit Inc., the holding company for CrossFit, do not officially produce any equipment or gear; so there is no official “CrossFit equipment”, only suppliers of CrossFit-style equipment.

Choosing the right equipment suppliers is therefore essential when it comes to starting or re-kitting a CrossFit box/gym. Here are some top tips on buying equipment for CrossFit.


Know Who to Buy From

There are various suppliers of functional fitness equipment suited to CrossFit, however in Africa there is one that has been there from the start and is known as Africa’s premier supplier of CrossFit-style equipment – REBEL Elite Fitness.

REBEL Elite Fitness produces the best quality CrossFit-style equipment in Africa and they lead the way in terms of innovation and service. In addition, REBEL Elite Fitness is also the official distributing agents for inov-8, Concept2, PurePharma and SPIbelt in South Africa – in fact, many other fitness equipment companies buy from them too, and they are solidifying themselves as the PREMIER one-stop company for anything related to functional fitness and CrossFit-style equipment and gear.

Know What You Need

CrossFit essentials are not necessarily easy to identify. Yes, you can get by on next to nothing – that’s the beauty of CrossFit – however, to run a decent CrossFit box, you need to ensure your members have access to the best mix of equipment for them to enjoy the full experience of constantly varied workouts that CrossFit is known for.

A service offered by REBEL Elite Fitness is to guide CrossFit affiliate owners in the right direction on what equipment and gear is essential. This is a massive help, especially if it means ensuring you don’t overcommit to the wrong equipment mix or wrong quantities.

Know How Much You Need

When deciding on how much equipment you need, an easy rule to follow is to have enough equipment to cater for at least a third of your total membership. Class sizes obviously will have a bearing on that too, so making sure you have enough for every member to perform the workout without having to wait for free equipment means they get what they paid for.

Again, REBEL Elite Fitness offers a service whereby they guide CrossFit affiliate owners in the right direction on how much equipment and gear will be needed. They’ll ensure you buy enough of the essentials and warrant that you don’t buy the wrong quantities of the equipment which would just sit there and not get used enough.


Whether you are starting a new CrossFit box or you’re looking to restock your box, you need to ensure you’re buying from the right people, at the right prices, best service and at the best quality. Our suggestion is to contact REBEL Elite Fitness and let them guide you on the right path of getting that mix right.

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