Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Your feet are the foundation of your body, and it’s for that reason that you need quality shoes to perform in as an athlete – and when it comes to the benefits of Olympic weightlifting shoes, the notion of a solid foundation is ever so important.

There will come a time when you’ll find the need to get yourself Olympic weightlifting shoes, the same way a runner will recognise the need to buy beneficial running shoes.

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

There are three main benefits of Olympic weightlifting shoes: the elevated heel and a supportive upper combine to promote an upright torso, allow you to “spread the floor” and they offer a solid surface to push off from.

You’ve possibly seen people training with a plank (or similar) under their heel during squats, for example. This forces the shoulders over the heels (over your frontal plane), which is key in weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting shoes create that elevation with their appropriately raised heel.

The heel of an Olympic weightlifting shoe is solid, as opposed to the soft base found in normal training shoes; this solid heel ensures that the full force you apply when pressing your heels into the ground is transferred in the direction you intend it to – upwards.

Olympic weightlifting shoes also have a strap which goes over the foot, and this secures your foot in the shoe firmly enough to limit lateral movement, ensuring stability and support. This allows you to push against the sides of the shoes, spreading the floor with your feet, and increasing hip activation as you do so.

All together the benefits derived from Olympic weightlifting shoes offer you better stability, better positions (at the start and end of a lift), better traction, and a solid base to push off from. However, current Olympic weightlifting shoes fall short during functional fitness and CrossFit workouts when Olympic weightlifting is coupled with other movements requiring a larger range of movement… that is until now…

inov-8’s FastLift Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

inov-8 Fastlift

inov-8 recently launched their incredible FastLift Oly shoes (the 315 for women and 335 for men). They are a modern versatile Oly shoes envisioned for CrossFit and functional fitness athletes, alike.

They offer industry leading stability and support. With state-of-the-art weightlifting technology, the stability, support and structure in the heel and midfoot awards the best performance there is to offer. In addition, the External Heel Cage (EHC) and Power-Truss system create strength for lifts without unnecessary weight.

Here’s the best part of these shoes! Their functionality is a welcomed feature because the rigid nature of traditional weightlifting shoes means that there is often a need to change shoes to complete workouts beyond weightlifting. Their Meta-Flex system enhances flexibility and comfort in the forefoot and features a sticky rubber outsole with indentations for added grip – all while coming in as the lightest product of its kind (335g for men and 315g for women).

They are stylish, comfortable (with no aggravating seams on the inside of the shoe rubbing your foot) and they will be competitively priced. In fact, keep an eye out as we might be running an exciting competition to win a pair of these incredible inov-8 FastLift Olympic weightlifting shoes!

Do you use Olympic weightlifting shoes? What do you think of inov-8’s exciting new FastLift 315/335 shoe?

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