Bad Running Habits

Do you feel that your running progress can be occurring at a much faster rate or has it become stagnant? In all likelihood it is very likely that you are sabotaging yourself by exhibiting bad running habits. All is not lost as we look at some popular bad running habits as well as ways to fix them.



Neglecting the core
Unfortunately many runners overlook the importance of strengthening the core. The benefit of working your core has so much more to it than just aesthetic implications. It will improve running efficiency by preventing excessive torso rotation, transfer force and stabilise your spine.

If you are guilty in this department start paying more attention to your core. Take up some functional fitness training like CrossFit – this type of training recognises the importance of core strength.


Poor refuelling
After a very hard run, some runners have a tendency to binge on junk. This is justified as a reward for having worked so hard.

This horrible habit can deplete your energy reserves and more. Rather hydrate the right way and eat some of these smart foods for runners.


Skimping on medical care
Runners can sometimes be a little stubborn when it comes to injuries. We sometimes will ignore lingering and inexplicable pains, pop painkillers and only ice the affected area expecting that to be a solution to the problem.

Unbeknownst to you, you could have a serious injury or the pain could be the start of one. Rather schedule a check-up with a good and relevant medical practitioner.


Not getting adequate rest
There is a direct correlation with rest and recovery. The less you rest, the longer it will take for you to recover which could actually lead to injury. Inadequate sleep also takes its toll on your mental sharpness and even your immunity. Proper rest will catalyse the restoration of the body and even cells that have been damaged from running.

The harder you train, the more rest you should be aiming for. Keep a sleeping log and vary the hours of sleep that you get. Use it to try to figure out what is an optimal number of sleeping hours needed. Try for at least eight hours of quality sleep.


Squeezing your fists while running
This is another popular bad running habit that many runners are guilty off. Squeezing your fists while running can cause you to tire a lot faster since you put pressure on your fists which is transferred to the shoulders and forearms and you will eventually feel it in your legs.

Rather be conscious of this running folly and relax your hands and shoulders. If you feel your hands tightening, shake them out.


Relying too much on energy bars
Many runners munch on energy bars when they are looking for a snack or something that is going to give them some extra zip. The problem with this is a lot of them are laced with sugar and harmful artificial ingredients.

You are better off eating these energy boosting foods, they are not only tasty, but are also great for your health and well-being.

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