Axle Bar Review

Training with an axle bar, also known as a fat or thick bar, has resurfaced again – a good thing since it was so popular in strongman training, and for good reason. It’s even made recent appearances in many local and international fitness events, including the CrossFit Games.


The reasons for it being such a great piece of equipment to use is that it increases muscle activation by targeting the body’s weak links, particularly your grip, wrist and forearm strength. In fact, as a result of targeting your weak links, your whole upper body gets a great workout from it.

Rebel Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks

We review one the best quality Axle Bars available in SA – the REBEL Elite Fitness Axle Bar…

Perfect for strongman workouts, this Axle Bar is exceptionally built and features the standard Olympic bar length of 2.2m and a diameter of 50mm, which is the same diameter as a standard sleeve where the Olympic bumper plates slide onto. That means you’re now gripping onto a bar and doing similar lifts as usual, but with something almost twice as thick as usual. Tough!

The 390mm long sleeves of this Axle Bar are fixed and don’t spin like standard Olympic bars, making it more robust and that means thrashing it around is no problem for this piece of equipment.

It weighs 20kg, so it is the same weight as a standard men’s Olympic bar, and has a powder-coated finish, which also aids in better grip. It comes with two Olympic pressure-ring collars, so you’re ensured that your Olympic bumper plates won’t budge when clamped in.

If you’re looking to work on some strongman style training, increase your grip, wrist and forearm strength, than this Axle Bar is the answer. Go online here to orders your now.

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