Awesome Running Scenes

The movie industry has captured some really awesome running scenes – some pulsating scenes that either gets our heart pumping (faster) and our motivation levels going or simply entertains. For the sake of your enjoyment, Rise To It put together a fantastic compilation of some of the most awesome running scenes – enjoy!


Run Fat Boy Run

The highly endearing Dennis sets off for a marathon but later hits a mental wall and is fatigued and injured but still pushes on and perseveres.

Chariots of fire

This scene which opens and closes (multi-Oscar winning film)Chariots of Fire, is one of the most iconic scenes in British cinema.

Forrest Gump

After his love interest leaves him, a heartbroken Forest Gump embarks on an epic run across America, lasting over three years.


Each year, thousands of people, young and old, recreate this legendary scene that even at present day is still so inspiring.

Rocky IV

Rocky makes this list twice. In yet another incredible training scene, this time for his bout with the feared Ivan Drago, he braves the extreme temperatures of Russia to train.

St Ralph

Ralph runs a marathon in a bid to win it so that it would ignite a miracle that could release his mother from a coma. His wonderful run is a true celebration of the human spirit.

What other running scenes do you think should also be included in this list?


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