Joshua Capazorio

About Joshua Capazorio

Joshua Capazorio is a Strength and Conditioning specialist based at The Yard Athletic in Johannesburg. He is a National Powerlifter and Olympic Weightlifter and an all-round strength and performance enthusiast. He is currently a Cipla Nutrition sponsored athlete and has his eyes set on the 2016 Olympic Games.

Many athletes have taken to the clean and jerk to help their performance. But what is this exercise? And how do we do it effectively?

Strength phases develop you to the point where you will know yourself better than any other life experience could show you.

The Snatch is by far the most technically challenging exercise, especially as you can only keep increasing the load so no matter how technically good you become at one weight, things can change pretty fast when adding even 5kgs. There are common technical problems I see daily. This happens all the time in Olympic weightlifting […]

Olympic weightlifting vs. powerlifting has drawn much confusion since they both existed. We look at both these disciplines to better your understanding.

There is no need to sell you the deadlift – simply put, it’s the strength frontrunner of all-time. Joshua Capazorio covers how to perform a deadlift and its common bad habits…