Imtiaz Desai

About Imtiaz Desai

Imtiaz is an exercise scientist with 10 years of experience in the health, fitness and sports industries. His areas of expertise include exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and Olympic weightlifting. He applies the CrossFit method with his knowledge of biomechanics and exercise physiology to teach proper movement and develop results based fitness programs.

Understanding cholesterol is essential, and it is responsible for fundamental bodily functions. Cholesterol is vital for life! No cholesterol = death.

The squat is the fundamental component of a fitness program, and it’s vital to your health. Increasing your squat strength will improve your athleticism, and that means a fitter and healthier you.

Dwarf wheat helped establish modern agriculture and certainly helped many people find nourishment. But what have the consequences been and what are the dangers of modern wheat?

Functional movements are those which typically mimic muscle recruitment patterns that are found in everyday life; they are mechanically sound and therefore safe, and they elicit a high neuroendocrine response. These functional movements build the base for functional fitness…