David Ayres

About David Ayres

Dave was not born with natural athletic ability. Everything he has achieved has come from hard grinding work. His love of physical training has led him to participate in multiple disciplines in his quest for true fitness. This is why he calls himself the "Fitness Nomad" - always moving, always searching and always learning. It is an honour for him to share his thoughts with you. Let the journey begin. David Ayres – The Fitness Nomad

Success or Failure in a CrossFit WOD comes down to mental strength. Each movement asks questions of you. Let us help you answer them.

We should all do more stretching and mobility work. The reason we don’t is that it hurts. So lets take the pain away.

For effective daily functioning we need to challenge the body in as many ways as possible. Varied movement is key to athletic performance.

CrossFit – the sport of fitness is making its way into the conditioning programs of all types of sports. We examine the influence of CrossFit on sport.

CrossFit is exploding around the world, so it’s great if you are considering taking up this awesome sport. Here’s what to expect from CrossFit.

Today, children are preoccupied with TV and gaming consoles which is not ideal. They need to get active and proper kids’ training is essential.

Functional fitness requires superb mobility, and this book is a valuable tool to helping you succeed with that. Here is our Becoming a Supple Leopard review…

Overtraining dangers can be defined as “excessive frequency, volume or intensity of training; that results in extreme fatigue, illness or injury”. Here is the lowdown…

Intensity is the key to any general fitness, functional fitness, CrossFit, or even the success of a runner’s training program. We take a look at it and show you how to manage it properly.