AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps Review

The functional strength that you acquire from overhead exercises such as the various presses, clean and jerk, overhead squats or snatch is simply incredible. However, if you are practicing those movements, the AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps are an absolute must to enhance wrist support and ultimately your performance.

AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps

AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps Review

These wrist wraps give you the added support and stability which is especially essential when you are using heavy weights or your body is starting to fatigue. They are even relevant to exercises such as bench press. Added stability and support is crucial to minimising the risk of injuries. This added support will give you the confidence to truly give off your best and will definitely filter into your PBs.  If you have injured your wrist previously, the AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps will once again come in handy.

Wrist straps also serve to assist grip strength by minimising the strain (exerted by weights) on wrists and hands. Therefore the concentration of the lift can be focused on the target muscle groups; while it is assisting you with stability and support, you are still doing all the work. They definitely can save you from a lot of pain; they support sore or clicking wrists so that the injury does not worsen.

The best part is the AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps have been designed to offer maximum support without compromising comfort. The AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps are elasticated for maximum comfort while at the same time boosting wrist support and stability. It has an elastic thumb loop fit so that it stays nice and snug and secure. The wrist wraps include a fully adjustable Velcro closure which is also for securing purposes.

From CrossFitting to Olympic Weightlifting, the AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps should find a home in your kit bag. Get yourself a pair and bask in your functional fitness glory.

When you have sore wrists, do you still train? Do you use wrist wraps?

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