Aluminium Technique Bar Review

An aluminium technique bar, also known as a training bar, is used for training technique for Olympic weightlifting.

Aluminium Technique Bar

The Aluminium Technique Bar from REBEL Elite Fitness is the perfect barbell for learning the Olympic lifts, without having to use the standard heavier 15kg or 20kg Olympic bars. It only weighs 5kg, making it the ideal training tool.

Using this training bar, beginners, females, younger or older athletes can learn Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting with more appropriate effort, and they can still load the bar with Olympic bumper plates to work with loaded weights when required. In fact, it holds up to 80kg, making it very versatile.

Often coaches present to groups and classes repeatedly and this aluminium technique bar is a great choice and requires less effort than heavier normal bars, allowing coaches to rather focus on specific techniques and positioning.

This robust aluminium technique bar has a total length of 1850mm. The shaft section is brushed aluminium and is 28mm in diameter (ideal for men and women), with a standard length between the sleeves, allowing users to make full use in terms of Olympic lifting width grip and positioning. The knurling, with Olympic weightlifting markers, further permits correct grip positioning.

It has chromed sleeves which are 50mm in diameter and feature 285mm of loadable space for Olympic bumper plates. The sleeves feature two bushings on each side to allow for a smooth and even spin, like with standard Olympic bars.

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