All-In-One 3 Way Plyo Box

Jump boxes or plyo platforms are an excellent and essential piece of training equipment that should be included in any self-respecting box or home gym. Now when you are looking for a good plyo platform, get the best on the market – we talking about the REBEL Elite Fitness All-in-One 3 Way Plyo Jump Box.

Adjustable jump box

They make an excellent platform for performing your box jumps and even speed training such as plyometrics. The All-In-One 3 Way Plyo Box has dimensions of 760 mm x 500 mm x 610 mm so it can be turned around to be used for different exercises such as doing depth jumps and altitude jumps.

One of the worse things you could experience is training with a jump box that exhibits poor stability – it could result in you being seriously injured. Fortunately, the All-in-One 3 Way is extremely stable and its surface renders adequate traction so you can perform your exercises with peace of mind.

In addition, it is a great looking piece of equipment. It has been made from high quality wood and can withstand even those with heavier body weights. If you are going to take advantage of the massive advantages that you gain from working out with a plyo platform, you may as well go with the best, i.e. The REBEL Elite Fitness All-in-One 3 Way Plyo Jump Box.

Do you work out with a jump box? What are your favourite jump box exercises?


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