Adjusting to a Clean Diet

A clean diet will help you achieve and maintain and healthy weight, prevent developing diseases which are linked to diet, and it goes without saying that it is the foundation of your performance in any sport, and in fact in your performance in everyday life.

Adjusting to a clean diet

So, what’s goes into adjusting to a clean diet? Regardless of the diet you choose to follow (e.g. Paleo or Zone), the most important element always comes down to eating whole natural foods – try only consuming foods that are as close to natural as possible with very little or no added ingredients.

Eating whole foods will give you a healthy combination of micronutrients and fibres which keep you satisfied for longer than processed foods do. Combined with additional supplementation, like the products offered by PurePharma, a clean diet ensures that you feel good, look good and perform better.

Eliminate sugar! Easily the most important part of a clean diet, and the probably the hardest to do. From diabetes to heart disease, sugar can have a negative impact on your health. What’s make it tough is that sugar can be found in almost all processed foods – just look at the ingredients label on your balsamic vinegar, for example. Read the labels on products you want to consume and educate yourself.

Stay away or even minimise processed and refined foods. Chances are that if you can’t pronounce it, it’s processed or refined. Choose organic foods, especially meat from grain-fed animals – they are usually free from pesticides, hormones and additives.

Drink more water, minimise fruit-juice intake, and eliminate soda drinks altogether. Obviously typical soda drinks have tons of sugar, which we’ve covered. Fruit juices have lots of natural fructose, and if not consumed in a controlled manner, it will yield a problem in a “clean diet”. And if the fruit juice you have is not freshly squeezed, chances are it’s not 100% and will have additives, sugar, etc. Water is your best option, and it’s vital for your body, so what take it any other way?

Balance your meals. Ensure you have a meal which is balanced in terms of natural carbs (avoid starchy carbs), proteins and essential fats. A common problem people face is that they eat healthy foods, but will completely get their portion control way off. By getting your portions wrong, you could prevent the results you’re looking for. Have a look at this breakdown of portions in the Zone diet to give you an idea of what good portion control is.

Lastly, avoid using excess salt. Another tough one for many, too much salt can cause higher blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in the body. Again, by eliminating processed foods, you’ll have better control of this, because they generally have lots of salts too.

In conclusion, adjusting to a clean diet can be as easy as buying the correct foods and eliminating processed, “convenient” foods. Don’t stress about calories and worry more about nutrients. The above mentioned tips will certainly see a healthier, better performing you. Give it a try…

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